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Do you want to live? Her reply was “Yes”. Then he said, ” I am not sure, I will try? The question for which he did not have an answer was “What if nothing happens?”.

Ian shared this conversation with us during the October TILT meeting. The topic for the meeting was detachment. On that day we saw and heard from a lady who had gone through brain healing. It was a wonderful learning experience on how she recovered from that traumatic state when Doctors had declared that she will live only for 6 months. Today she is settled in the UK and helping people heal from depression.


In this situation, her past was not helping her, her future was bleak and her counselor had to work without a safety net. The only thing that was pushing them to keep going was faith.

She recovered and these were the 6 golden nuggets that she shared with us:

  1. Make a choice, Evaluate options 
  2. Respond and not react, go against the norms 
  3. Mental Journaling and Visualization 
  4. Positivity vs negativity 
  5. Acknowledge the situation 
  6. Not just Mindfulness but kindness to self 

What I understood from the story of her and Ian was how they decided to detach from their present and attached themselves to a future. They just decided to make a choice.


I decided to do a 66 days challenge of detachment. I believe in the employability of ideas and nuggets. So I decided to leverage detachment as a 66 Day challenge. I had put the following challenges under the 66-day challenge and had made that image as part of my WA profile.

  1. Food Control  – Avoid Fried food
  2. Emotion Control  – Anger management with kids
  3. Break Habits – Digital journals

Today is the 57th day of my 66 days challenge and I am quite happy that I have been able to detach from those habits and attach myself to new habits for the “New You”. The journal I recorded was very helpful in sticking to this challenge and it had helped me in practicing delayed gratification when it came down to food. The hack for anger management was to sense that moment when I was sliding into anger and then say to yourselves that,” I should be in control of myself”. Finally, on the Digital journalling, the way I have applied was to adopt 1% every time. So I started digital journalling with smartphone notes before I moved to Ipad and Laptop for journaling.

Best thing from this challenge has been whenever I was getting into the state of these challenges (eating, emotion, and Digital) trigger was to visualie that I am Detaching from the “present YOU ” and attaching to the “Future YOU”.

These are the  7 steps to detach from the present you to the future you:

  1. Attach to something else before detaching 
  2. Come to terms with past and focus on future
  3. PAFO Positive and forward-oriented
  4. Be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, Dreams, and Fears 
  5. Try your GUT feeling
  6. Change your mindset to develop new skills 
  7. Paradigm shift for detachment 

DEtach “old You” and “ATtach” Future You”  should be our mantra to make a difference.





  1. Why did you switch to digital journaling? I am a big fan of digital journaling.. however, i appreciate the physical journaling where you can draw things, write in any open area without following left to right, top to bottom..


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