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How do we move from Being to Having?  Activate, Energize and Stoke y(O)ur Po10shall  aka A.E.S.O.P tales demonstrate how to actuate your po10shall through day-to-day routines, systems, and experiences.

They say when you are ” in the zone”, you are happy or excited because you are doing something very ‘skillfully and easily’.  When we are in that Zone, magic happens. It is my endeavour to share those stories from that zone “when I felt most alive.”

How do you inspire others? Be the change you want to see to make an impact and then give back what you’ve learned back to the community.

Inspire Self and Others  Make an impact Give back
Share your story Be the change you want to see Share your  learning

In this first edition sharing How To’s in 4 sections.


AESOP Tale – 1 ( How am I inspiring myself ?)

In this lockdown, I got an opportunity to read unread books from my library and watch great videos. In one such video, I heard this line by Ed Mylett. He said, ” Most people’s will to win is for sale“.

I reflected on this quote. How many times have I made the expedient choice rather than doing the tough work that would take me closer to my goal? Are you making similar choices? I stuck the quote on my wall and every time I make a choice I consciously look at that quote to assure myself that I’m on track.

In these choppy times, what are the words that can help you sail to your goals?

Inspiring Quote by Naval Ravikant from From Tools Of Titans (Tim ...

AESOP Tale – 2 (How I am inspiring Others?)

One of my well-wishers reached out to me, he was low on motivation and I shared a video of the lion in the jungle. The lion is not the king of the jungle because it’s the fastest or the strongest. The lion is the king because it’s bold and courageous. It’s willing to try and believes in itself. Watch the video and awaken the lion in you!


AESOP Tale – 3 (How did I make an impact?)

The other day, in a meeting with my team, I only made notes. I added my points only in the end and shared my perspectives. I felt good that I spoke last. When Nelson Mandela was asked what is the one thing that he has learned as a leader, he responded that this is what his father, a tribal chief, taught him- “always speak last.” As a leader when you speak first, the team rarely puts in their perspectives or expresses a contrary opinion as they don’t want to be seen disagreeing with you.

I am also in the process of ” Developing a habit of simplifying” complex issues. In another interaction, there was a discussion on virtues. I mentioned how humor is very important and particularly the way I am implementing humour by using self-deprecation in my micro-stories.

Lead, simplify, and stay humble- these are the values that I try to emulate. What are the values that you live by?

AESOP Tale – 4 (How did I give back?)

I am the result of coaches, mentors, books, communities, and experiences which has made me who I am both in my personal and professional life. I cannot coach everyone or try to solve anyone’s problems but I can always ask a question that makes them pause, reflect, and reframe their thoughts.

I was in a conversation with my friend who was ranting about all his problems. I asked him only one question. What is your raison d’etre? 

In another conversation with my college friend whom I called to wish on his birthday when he was complaining about the pay cut, I responded that let us be thankful that we have a job.

I was happy to help my friends to reframe their problems. How are you helping your friends?

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